Hey Dude Men's Chan Stretch Fleece Linen Shoes (10, Steppa)
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  • $54.99

The Chan is Hey Dude's lightest slip-on style. They bring about a sleek new look in slip-on comfort and style. Slim form fitting and powered by the Flex and Fold outsole system a pair of Chans will make life a walk in the park. Equipped with their memory foam cushioned insole you can go sockless and have great breathability. The insoles can be cleaned and the shoes are machine washable. Hey Dude combines cotton and linen for its spring and summer designs to create the most durable yet breathable silhouettes on the market. By combining these natural fibers you get increased breathability with the durable construction of all Hey Dude uppers. Features: Flex and Fold technology, ultra-light outsole, linen canvas upper, elasticized slip-on, soft oxford cloth lining, memory foam insole, machine washable (cold). Material: Linen, Canvas, Textile, Memory Foam.

  • fabric
  • Flex and Fold technology
  • Ultra-light outsole
  • Linen canvas upper, elasticized slip-on
  • Soft oxford cloth lining, memory foam insole
  • Machine washable (cold)