City Sports FAQ

What happened to City Sports?  I thought you guys closed?

The old City Sports did close it's doors in 2015 after a great 30 year run.  As long time City Sports customers, we did not want to see the brand die.  It meant too much to too many people!  So we bought the brand out of bankruptcy.  We are relaunching City Sports and plan on bringing you a great experience over the coming years.  Keep an eye out for promotions and new store launches as we grow.

Does my gift card still work?  What about my Insider Rewards points?

Sadly, no.  In the bankruptcy the gift card information and Insider Rewards information was not passed on to us and we are unable to verify or honor any gift cards or points at this time.  We are planning some great promotions and ideas to win back your business.  Keep your old gift cards as we will be providing a special discount to gift card holders.  Stay tuned.

I bought some items from City Sports last year that I would like to return.  Where can I return them?

We cannot accept any returns on merchandise purchased from City Sports prior to February 24, 2016.  Going forward you will be able to return any merchandise purchased after February 24, 2016 according to our return policy.  

I loved City Sports and was shocked when it closed.  When are you opening up a new store in my neighborhood?

Stay tuned!  We are opening up first online and plan on opening up locations.  Our first store will be near our home in Red Bank, NJ.  The first cities on the calendar are Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

Are you hiring?

Not yet, but we will be very soon.  Watch for a link on the website and Facebook postings when jobs become available.