Bucket List: The 4 best places to workout outside (for free) in the Northeast

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Bucket List: The 4 best places to workout outside (for free) in the Northeast

Since our founding in 1983 in Boston, the unique life of the urban athlete has been at the heart of who we are. We are inspired by the millions of people that wake up every day and make the city their playground. From the endless number of groups and clubs dedicated to getting a sweat on, to the urban landscape that gives us thousands of ways to work out at no cost, we have compiled the best place to go and workout when you're in town in one of the Northeast's 4 biggest cities:


Art Museum steps: This isn't just the preferred place to get in fighting shape by Philly's most famous fictional athlete, there is no better place in the city of brotherly love to get in a simple workout with awesome views and crowds of fellow athletes to keep you inspired and motivated. Finish a run with some stair sprints or do an entire workout on the stairs with plenty of places to do some dips, burpees and pushups between sprints. There are a bunch of fitness groups in the city that use the steps for free workouts but the most popular is November Project Philadelphia which hosts weekly workouts at the steps every Wednesday morning at 6:25AM.

New York City:  

Central Park: Pretty obvious huh? The thing with New York is it can be a little crowded. Buildings with wide stairs or fountains perfect for tricep-burning dips tend to also be flocked with thousands of tourists. But the one place you can almost always find some space for yourself to sweat for free is Central Park and its many trails and fields. Our favorite is to hop off the trail (which can still get pretty crowded during rush hour) and post up in the grass with some burpees and sprints right as the sun is setting over the manhattan skyline in front of you. Want to workout with others? Check out Central Park's website for plenty of fitness offerings in the park.


The National Mall: This place almost seems like it was built primarily for working out with government as an afterthought. There are plenty of flat walkways with wide surfaces to run on, and tons of marble structures in between to satisfy your need to box jump on things and do incline push ups. And then you have the Lincoln Memorial steps to get your heart pounding with some solid stars climbs. 

As an added bonus, you are running through a place that is home to as many historic events as anywhere else in the country (and was apparently one of Bill Clinton's preferred running routes back in the day). It's also apparently a great place to wake up hungover after a late night wedding.


Harvard Stadium: Since it's opening in 1903, Harvard's many athletic teams have used these steps to build leg strength and endurance, running up and down 15" high steps. The stadium is open to the public, drawing athletes from around Boston and tourists from around the world to experience the unique workout.

We have completed many workouts at the Greek-inspired stadium and never grow tired of it's endless stairs to get our work day started.


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