Feeling the love in Boston

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Feeling the love in Boston

This morning Jon Chesto of the Boston Globe wrote a great article about our return to Boston next week at the Boston Tri.  It is always a rush when we see our progress represented in the paper.  It takes a lot of effort to revive a brand, and it means a lot to have such a great response from so many people.

Boston Globe City Sports article print edition

 Also be sure to check out the comments on the article.  They are really insightful.  This one from Renaldo hits the nail on the head:

renaldo207/20/17 07:44 AM
I think they stand a chance, but they're going to have to be really focused to make it. The City Sports concept is solid, but it will have to have a well-defined profile and stock just the right mix of products. Focusing on performance sports targeting more serious athletes will be the key, but to include closely related products to bring in a wider range of urban customers. The old City Sports failed because it became too vanilla commodity-oriented, with uninteresting, mass-produced inventory. I went in a couple of times before their closing and went "meh", with the store having little that interested me. They will need to avoid becoming like Target, as was the old City Sports, and more like the athletic version of Urban Outfitters.


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