City Sports Reintroducing Elite Athletes

City Sports Reintroducing Elite Athletes

Photo of lifetime body-builder Joey Consagra with boxing legend Larry Holmes, 2017

This week we decided to bring back some inspiration from local elite athletes that have been long-time fans of City Sports. Joey Consagra is a Boston native and fitness trainer who has demonstrated the passion in both fitness and life that City Sports embodies. He dedicates his practice now to teaching others what he has learned and works to help them achieve their ideal levels of fitness.

Name: Joey Consagra
Hometown: Pittston, PA

What area of fitness do you specialize in?
Body building and the science of nutrition.

How did you get started in your given field?
I got started because I wanted to play football for my high school and excel at it. I idolized my cousin who played and wanted to be like him. I was very small starting off (95 lbs to be exact) and knew I had to change my body if I wanted to succeed. Once I started changing my body and getting stronger, I grew passionate about the whole process.

How do you keep motivated to stay fit?
I stay motivated by remembering where I came from and how much work I put in to get here today. I don’t want it all to be a waste of time and I love feeling healthy, strong, and functional. We only have one life and I would like to live it as long as I possibly can. Staying healthy will help me do that the best way I can.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to improve upon their fitness routine?
Keep it fresh and don’t be afraid to switch things up! Every month you should switch up your training routine. You have to keep your body guessing or it will plateau and progress will stop. Changing up your routine once a month will make your body continue to find ways to adapt, and in turn, it will constantly grow and progress. Also- track what you are eating! There are tons of great apps that make it so easy to track your daily food intake and they are vital for achieving your goals. If you pour water in your car’s gas tank...the car won’t run very well even though the tank is "full". Use the correct fuel and your body will reward you.

Why are you a fan of the City Sports Brand?
I'm a fan of the City Sports brand because it is a community of like-minded people all trying to better themselves every day. City Sports is all about growth and progress. When you wear a City Sports shirt, it symbolizes that you are a part of a team and network of friends, or “Buds” if you will, that share the same mindset. The greatest team member you can be is a #CitySportsBud!

Joey is 31 and a professional natural bodybuilder. When he began working out at 13, he fell in love with weightlifting and the ability to change his body for the better. His passion only grew for fitness as he started to expand his knowledge into the science of nutrition and the body. In 2014, he competed in his first bodybuilding show, going up against 100 competitors. He placed 1st overall and obtained his bodybuilding pro-card. Today he has shifted his focus from personal achievement to helping other people achieve their own goals. “If it wasn't for people helping me, I wouldn't be where I am physically and now I would love to be that person for other people”.

For more motivation from Joey, check him out @joeyconsagra_


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