Back in Boston!  Join us as the Boston Triathlon

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Back in Boston! Join us as the Boston Triathlon

Over the past few months, we have had the good fortune to get to know Michael O'Neil, the founder and managing partner of the Columbia Threadneedle Investments Boston Triathlon.  The old City Sports was a sponsor of the race, and Michael loved what City Sports represented to Boston.  When we purchased City Sports in late 2015, Michael reached out to us to see whether we wanted to participate in the Boston Tri.  It was too soon to jump back then.  He reached out again this year, and we quickly realized that it was a perfect match.  

Boston created City Sports, and will always be part of its soul.  Even though we are in New Jersey, we knew that City Sports would never really be back until we Entered Boston again.  So with Michael's support and encouragement, we took the plunge and committed to being at the Boston Tri.  City Sports will be featured on the swim caps, on the race bags and in a big red tent.  We will be there selling t-shirts, great gear from adidas and other brands and getting to know you, our biggest fans.  

As an added bonus, we are able to offer our fans and customers 50% off race registration!  go to to use the coupon code CITYSPORTS at checkout.

I'll add some updates and products over the next few days as we ramp up for the Boston Tri.  We are really excited to get back to Boston!



  • Frank

    same issue for the coupon code, it didn’t work.

  • Nancy

    The coupon code did not work when I tried it. Is it only valid on a particular distance? When will it be active? Thank you.

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