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Heart Rate Monitors

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Sports Heart Rate Monitors & Watches

If you're a seasoned runner or just want to monitor your heart rate while you're on the treadmill, there are many heart rate monitors to give you all the data you need to monitor your health. Heart rate monitors deliver the details you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The most popular types are wrist watch monitors that fit comfortably to use all the time. There are also heart rate monitors with a chest strap which transmit the data to a compatible Bluetooth device. Using the devices in a crowded gym can mean interference, so they are designed to work better in this type of situation.

Either way, measuring your intensity level, these heart rate monitors let you know exactly how hard you're working so you can hit all your fitness goals. Since they're comfortable to wear, it allows you to focus on your training without bulky equipment getting in the way.

Speak to any of our sports equipment experts to get all the details on the best monitors and watches to suit your specific needs.